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It is a non-governmental organization, with its only global and main headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Or a specific political thought or system, the Commission does not distinguish between any nationality, religion or race, and it receives those wishing to join it from different countries of the world and various disciplines after undergoing the necessary assessments and meeting the criteria in the applicants, which makes it easier for donors and those looking for international experts and providers of international missions from international organizations Governments and others, finding experts according to the required specialties. The essence of the work of the Commission is to provide international experts who are able to provide advice, enlighten decision-makers, and establish relationships, methods and resources for the problems entrusted to them, and they provide organizations and international partners with proposals to implement optimal and sustainable solutions for the benefit of the local population and Consistent with the goals of sustainable development of the United Nations; the Commission defends the profession of the international expert and the integrity of the work and the multiplication of contacts and a for meetings between experts. It works in accordance with the principles defended by the United Nations, in particular its 17 goals for sustainable development; The Commission was also inspired by the Charter of the United Nations, the Statute of the International Court of Justice, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the New York Convention on Foreign Arbitral Awards.

It is the institute accredited by the Commission of International Experts to implement training programs that qualify for obtaining the title, passport, identity and membership of the international expert. Its headquarters is in Grenoble – France, where it works to provide the necessary and serious courses and training programs for experts who wish to improve their scientific skills for international work. The institute seeks to develop performance and improve the quality of expertise. International, the Institute targets high-level international experts, who are able to provide qualitative services and consultations with high efficiency in all countries that are members of the United Nations, and in all circumstances and situations, adapting to the times and its challenges, using international concepts correctly, and understanding the sensitivity of conflicts in countries suffering from conflicts

The number of international institutes reviewed by the Board of International Experts is ten, distributed in Europe, Africa, the Maghreb, and the Middle East.

The International Experts Association has many partners, including French, Swiss, African and Maghreb companies and institutions. It is also recognized by the European Union and many international organizations and institutions.

The Commission of International Experts works in accordance with the goals of sustainable development of the United Nations 2030 AD, and within the treaties of world peace. The Commission was also inspired by the Charter of the United Nations, the Statute of the International Court of Justice, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the New York Convention on Foreign Arbitral Awards.

In this era of globalization, international exchanges are increasing, borders are shrinking, and cultures are converging. A position that encourages international institutions, companies, non-governmental organizations, public services, ministries, embassies, banks, etc., to invite international experts, from their various specialties abroad; As they have been trained in multicultural communication, international experts are able to provide advice, to enlighten decision-makers, to propose solutions or plans to establish relationships, methods and resources for the problems assigned to them, and to present them to donors. They take into account the submission of proposals to implement optimal and permanent solutions for the benefit of the local population and in accordance with the goals of sustainable development of the United Nations. International experts may be hired either by a country, NGO, company, public service, or international organization; The United Nations may resort to experts to study the practical measures that would be desirable to adopt in order to implement its recommendations; The same applies to the European Commission, banks (the World Bank or regional banks), NGOs or any other international organization. They may also be called upon to act on behalf of multinational companies. They will apply to the positions of Project Coordinator, Chief of Missions or Senior International Civil Service Officer. To be an international expert is to have a great human conscience in serving the local population. and serve the international community. The international expert is a valuable man. And our experts – members of the International Experts Association in Geneva – respect the six values of the international expert system: Commitment – Transparency – Integrity – Respect – Tolerance – Openness. Our expert members are exceptional experts with deep and acquired knowledge in their area of expertise and ability to respect different cultures. We place these exceptional experts at the disposal of decision makers, helping them to be informed in order to make fair, objective and relevant decisions.

There is a close relationship between the Commission of International Experts and the United Nations, as the practical strategy and the formation and preparation of international experts are fused within the goals of the forward-looking strategy of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Board of International Experts is keen to organize an annual conference for its members and general conferences for members and non-members from all over the world to exchange experiences and draw a road map for the work of the Board and its practical strategy for the coming period after the conference. It is also an opportunity to meet international experts with the Chairman of the Commission and members of the Council that manages the Commission and the cross-fertilization of cultures between experts and specialists from the same field in different parts of the world and encourages the building of international relations for the international expert.

It is a system that allows international experts registered in the Commission to communicate, meet and find international assignments and helps them to present themselves internationally in a better way. Each member registered in the Commission of International Experts is granted access to enter the global system.

The Authority has more than fifty specializations in all fields and all persons with experience and competence can register their expertise in all fields. We mention the most important fields for mention and not be limited to: Medicine in all its specializations, engineering in all its branches, tourism, hotels, aviation, airport services, trade, economy, industry, agriculture, telecommunications, international arbitration and dispute resolution International law, human rights, reconstruction and sustainable development, oil and minerals, banks, banks, insurance companies, humanitarian, relief and development work, writing project proposals, managing internationally funded projects, education, curriculum development, distance education, institutional and community culture, financing small, medium and large projects, real estate evaluation, assessment of damages and losses according to World Bank standards, and military science Military, strategic planning, management, political science, diplomacy and sports. And many other majors.

  • The participant will be issued a certificate of completion of the training program for international experts, approved by the Institute of International Experts in Paris and authenticated by the International Experts Association in Geneva. It can also be documented by the court under the Hague Documentation Convention.
  • The subscriber obtains a membership card with the International Experts Association in Geneva to attend conferences of international experts, which are held frequently during the year, and these events would deepen the knowledge of the expert thanks to the intervention of quality speakers (business leaders, academics, ambassadors … etc.) who address societal, economic, political and issues-related issues International experience
  • The Commission issues to each subscriber the international expert’s passport, which is a high-ranking honorary document attesting to its bearer that his experience has been achieved, and in which he records the international missions entrusted to him and the educational courses completed by a certified person from the International Experts Commission. This document can contribute to facilitating travel and mobility procedures. To the expert during international assignments or conferences in which he participates
  • Joining the subscriber to the Association of International Experts and including him in the lists of trusted experts in the Authority.
  • Once the training program is completed, the participant’s data will be included in the official website of the International Experts Authority to access the international tasks and enter the international experts platform and the global system of international experts
  • The subscriber gets an e-mail address (in his name) linked to the Authority; To give credibility during correspondence with local and international bodies as international experts and associate members of the Commission.
  • Each participant obtains – with a license from the Commission – a stamp in his name as an international expert affiliated with it; He uses it as his hashtag on all his official papers
  • The international expert has the right to use any of the facilities of the International Experts Association in Geneva to hold his meetings as an affiliate member
  • It is possible that the international expert, through his participation in the commission’s programs and tasks, aspires to join the commission’s academy or to obtain a functional role within the commission as a consultant or as a member of the jury, or other promotion and development opportunities available to him as an international expert.
  • The title of international expert is issued by the global system of international experts by a decision of the arbitration committee after the merger seminar. . This title recognizes your expertise and matches your certification to your skill level. Experts of all different nationalities and specializations who did not obtain the title of international expert can register in the training program to attend the integration seminar and submit to the arbitration committee, which will grant them the title and thus register in the list of the global system of international experts, which allows them to participate in the annual meetings and invest their expertise in the activities of the network.

    • You will be an internationally recognized expert from the International Experts Association in Geneva.
    • The presence of an additional line on your business card, official papers, or resume: “Member of the International Committee of Experts in Geneva.”
    • We introduce you to the world and guarantee them your quality, professionalism and integrity
    • Easy access to the international missions proposed to you by the Commission
    • Obtaining a group of international experts’ titles to have international relations with expertise similar to your field worldwide
    • Ability to jointly respond to an international call for bids.
    • Join a network of competent and internationally recognized professionals.
    • Use the Authority’s facilities and halls to arrange your business and meetings for free in Geneva
    • Publish your work, research and writings for free to organizations, governments and international institutions.
  • The Commission of International Experts obtained its licenses in accordance with the Swiss laws regulating and competent for civil organizations referred to in Swiss courts

  • The body of international experts adopts seven languages to communicate with its members, which are the seven languages adopted by the United Nations.

  • The President of the International Experts Body is elected every two years through the election of the members. The current President is Mr. Jacques Viallat

    • Periodic meetings and assisting all expert members to develop and work around the values of international experience, which contributes to enhancing communication and synergy between expert members.
    • Preserving the integrity and reputation of the profession by providing experts who are characterized by efficiency and integrity.
    • Develop close relationships with international institutions.
    • Facilitate access to local and international missions for expert members
    • Validate knowledge and ensure the quality of training provided to the category of international experts
      • Enhancing expert members’ confidence in their practices in accordance with the Code of Ethics.
      • Facilitate coordination and collaborative work among expert members.
      • Develop joint procedures for the benefit of expert members.
      • Promote research and development of international expertise.
      • Enhancing international expertise by respecting the United Nations principles of sustainable development and the principles of the Global Compact.
  • Presenting recognized and trusted experts to international organizations, governments and transnational corporations, defending the profession and multiplying contacts between international experts

  • Commitment – Transparency – Integrity – Respect – Tolerance – Openness

  • Pioneering in training trustworthy international experts and giving meaning to experience in serving the local population and the international community.

  • The International Experts Association is an organization that is subject to Swiss law and European law in general, as it operates within the framework of the European strategy and is subject to the laws of the European Union, and therefore it is an entity recognized for its activity by the European Union

  • The participation fees in the conference are determined according to the place and time, because the conference is run in places of global symbolism. For example, the last conference was held at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

  • They are highly qualified, multidisciplinary and multinational experts who are trained experts licensed by the International Panel of Experts in Geneva.

  • Currently, the number of experts registered with the Commission is more than 1,000 experts of various nationalities and specializations

  • The IIE logo is a sign recognized by all countries associated with the United Nations. OMEI recognizes and supports the 17 sustainable development commitments contained in the United Nations Charter.