Regime Conference 2021 in Paris: Back with pictures on the intervention of Mr. Bernard Zahra

On the occasion of the twenty-first conference of the Order, which was held on December 8-9-10, 2021, the participants had the honor of attending a conference by Mr. Bernard Zahra.
A member of the French Institute of Directors (IFA) and the Association of Auditors of the National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice (INHESJ), Mr. Zahra joined the Governance and Values Organization in 2019. Then he became Director of the Governance and Public Affairs Department.
Mr. Bernard Zahraa, a former student of the National School of Administration (ENA – Promotion Solidarité), is an expert in international administrative cooperation and works mainly with central and local public administrations.
It accompanies general modernization and transitions and provides tools for better management.
Mr. Zahra spoke one afternoon:
• Multilateral cooperation
• Multilateral institutions and major donors
• Challenges and methods of evaluating international expertise and aid

The participants shared their own experiences and the discussions were very constructive.
International expertise is a strategic issue for promoting projects at the national and global level.
Thousands of professionals work every day to meet the challenges of the 17 United Nations Goals.

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